How you can help

Donate to the campaign

Help us continue fighting for these medications by clicking the donate button below. We're not a registered entity so it won't be tax deductible but we appreciate anyone and everyone who helps out in any way they can. Either scan the QR code or click the Donate button to buy us a beer.

Join us on social media - facebook, instagram & twitter

  • Share your story on social media by writing about your CF journey, how Trikafta would help and how we need a fast PBS listing on social media. You never know who will see this and whether it may lead to a post being shared or the media picking up a story.

  • Follow YesToTrikafta on Facebook and keep an eye out for posts… then like and share, share, SHARE! You never know who will see your posts and be motivated to take action. The more people who know about the campaign, the more pressure is put on Vertex and the Australian Government to get Trikafta on the PBS now!

  • Use hashtags related to Trikafta, such as #TrikaftaNow and #CFCantWait

  • YesToTrikafta is also on Instagram and Twitter, but more info is posted to Facebook

  • Follow Cystic Fibrosis Australia's page for updates

Volunteer for the campaign

Help us continue fighting for these medications by offering to help. We always have a variety of jobs to do from things like helping with Twitter to helping come up with list of Parliament members to contact.

Other ways to get the attention of MPs, the Health and Shadow Health Ministers and Vertex

Ask your community to take action

For every person living with CF, there is a community around them touched by the disease. We'll let you know when we need extra help, whether it be signing a petition or sending emails and letters. They're welcome to join us on facebook and other social media; they can be as loud as they want or follow for updates. Every voice deserves a chance to be heard!

Make a submission to the PBAC

Public submissions to the PBAC are now open for those aged 6-11 - click here to make your submission. Also, see our tips on how to submit to the PBAC here

Write to your federal MP and the Health Minister encouraging them to support the fast PBS listing of Trikafta

You can email or send a letter to the Health Minister, the Prime Minister and your local Federal MP to let them know why you need Trikafta to be listed on the PBS without delay. This is the most important action you can take, please have a look at this guide and consider contacting your MP and the Health Minister as soon as possible.

Contact the media

Contact media outlets with your story and send a message to our page if you're in an article (we're also happy to help with wording / key messages if you want to get in touch) and we'll share it.